Supplier Information Management

Registration FAQ’s and Resource

You have been asked by one of our clients to registration within the Vendor Lynx™ platform. The partnership between PRGX, you and our mutual client is to help build a long lasting relationship and ensure business standards are being met. PRGX has been selected as your client’s supplier information management partner, and we are here to help you get the most out the Vendor Lynx platform.

Registration- What you’ll need

To prepare for registration please have the following information available:

  • Eight digit Reference ID – included in your electronic or hard copy letter invitation
  • Physical Business Address
  • Federal Reporting Tax Identification Number, preferably EIN, but may also be SSN
  • Full Name of Principal/Owner(s)
  • If you report to the IRS using a W-8 form a copy will need to be uploaded

If you operate as a non-profit or diverse supplier, a copy of your current certificate. Our clients require their suppliers to complete the supplier registration process. As their supplier management solution we are here to assist you in completing this registration, updating banking information for quicker payments, and answering any questions you have.

Access the Vendor Lynx Registration Portal by clicking HERE.

We have a dedicated team to support you!

If you have begun the registration process and still have questions, please contact PRGX Support for assistance.

Phone: 888-315-0183 or Email:

Support Request


Questions & Answers
How long will registration take?
The average time for the registration is about 20 minutes.
What if I no longer do business with the client?
It is recommended to complete registration and select decline participation in step four of the process. In the comment box indicate you no longer do business with the client. This allows your client to accurately update their vendor records.
Lost my username/Password
Go to Select Vendor Login and select “Forgot User Name/Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions to gain your Username/Password information. The information will be emailed to the address that was used in the original setup.
What is Vendor Registration?
Vendor Lynx registration is a series of step that acquire important business information for our client organizations. Your services are important to the client, which is why you are being asked to align to their business goals and compliance requirements.
What kind of information will you be asking for?
The information requested is will include Tax Identification Number, Business Name, tax classification, and other business details our client requires to complete your vendor profile. The questions are not financial in nature, and are intended to build an accurate Business Profile for your company
Why am I being asked to register?
You are being asked to register with prgx as a current or potential vendor for the client to ensure you are meeting their business goals. This ensures they are meeting Federal regulatory requirements and to have current information on all vendors. PRGX allows our client to automate the vendor on-boarding process.
What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If you use American Express please use the other payment method listed - "Invoice Me" and contact Vendor Support to pay over the phone.
Who is going to invoice my company?
Your invoice will be sent electronically to the email used in authentication Step 1. It will be sent from PRGX - Vendor Support.
I see a Welcome screen. Am I done?
You may be asked to provide additional documentation to finalize your on-boarding. To provide additional documents, access the Vendor Solutions Gateway to upload the requested documents, this allows PRGX to complete final steps of authentication for your client.
Why do I have to pay?
There are costs associated with the vendor authentication process, and the client is requesting your participation as a vendor to support the cost of these fees. The authentication process ensures that regulatory compliance requirements are being met. Note: some clients require registration be completed, including this fee, in order to be paid by the client. The fee is a one-time annual fee for all PRGX clients.
Who is going to invoice my company?
Your invoice will be sent electronically to the email used in Registration Step one. It will be sent from PRGX - Vendor Support
How do I get a receipt for this transaction?
A receipt for this credit card transaction will be provided via email.
What does this Vendor Solutions Gateway do for my company?
The Vendor Solution Gateway gives you access to your registration details, the ability to upload documents, and to update information as a vendor of our client. This streamlines the communication process between you and our client and is utilized as a document storage repository. Here you will be able to maintain current business details, remit addresses, contact information, ownership information, manage users, and maintain current business documents.
Can’t we just fill out a hard copy of the registration and fax it to you?
Since Vendor Lynx is our client’s main vendor registration system, online registration is required. The online portal allows you to maintain your current business information.
What does authentication mean?
Vendor Authentication is a series of screenings confirming the information you provide during registration. PRGX then confirms this information with public records to ensure your organization is in proper Federal and State compliance.
What if I do not complete the registration or decline to participate?
It is important to complete the registration. The registration process provides the necessary business information to our client for all vendors they are doing business with. If you wish to decline participation there is an option on Step four of the registration process, choose “will not participate”. Here our client requires an explanation for non-participation. It will be up to your client to determine the action they will take regarding whether or not to continue the business relationship.