Vendor Lynx - Supplier Authentication

Remove Supplier Risk

Supplier authentication provides an in-depth and comprehensive research of your suppliers. Our patent-pending multi-factor authentication process will surface trends, patterns and correlations between your accounts payable data, public records and your supplier’s reported information. Our goal is to ensure supplier regulatory compliance, minimize operational costs and control your exposure to risk and loss.

Supplier Authentication

Our authentication process exceeds the typical vendor credentialing services at the same time reducing work load of your Vendor Management Team.

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Risk Analysis
  • Public Record Search
  • 250 Plus Risk Factor Checks
  • Identifies Questionable Conditions

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Mitigate Risk

A comprehensive review of public records, vendor provided information, and accounts payable data quickly surface potential risk and fraud.

  • Vendor Provided Data
  • Sanction Screening
  • IRS TIN Matching
  • IRS Validation
  • Secretary of State Validation

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Communication & Support

Gain full visibility to supplier results to address supplier risk before it becomes vendor fraud.

  • Global Edge Collaboration
  • ERP Data Integration
  • Detailed Reporting Enables Better Business Decisions
  • Security Controlled Access
  • Reduces Operational Costs

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Build-In Workflow

Our interactive workflow engine tracks client, vendor, and Global EDGE activities providing visibility to vendor account interactions.

  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Track Vendor Interactions
  • Resolve Exceptions Quickly
  • Decision Control
  • Profile & Document History
  • User Activity Tracking

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Lower Operational Costs

Lower overall operational costs associated with vendor management by having your vendor do all the work.

  • Vendor Self-Serve Portal
  • Minimizes Profit Losses
  • Centralizes Document Collection
  • Collect Banking Information
  • Reduce Vendor Communications

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Enhance Controls

Gain full visibility to supplier activity and results in order to address supplier risk before it becomes vendor fraud.

  • Detailed Reporting on Suppliers
  • Vendor Risk Strategy
  • Better Business Decisions
  • User Management
  • Increase Risk Visibility

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To ensure each vendor has all its ducks in a row, the company must go through an authentication process. First the vendor receives a letter that explains how to register on the authentication site, where it would fill out a profile, provide their legal name, tax ID number (TIN), address and so on. That information is then matched up against an IRS TIN reporting database.

Paul Cerrato, Healthcare Finance