Vendor Lynx - Supplier On-Boarding

Centralized Supplier Management

With our supplier registration process, you will establish controls around vendor selection, ensuring standardization and reduce on-boarding costs.

Automate & Streamline

Our comprehensive solutions allow you to proactively manage supplier information and on-boarding across your organization.

  • Automate Supplier On-Boarding
  • Customized Registration & Credentialing
  • Minimize Risk & Improve Compliance
  • Visibility to Entire Vendor Population
  • Integrated Client & Vendor Portals
  • Business & Guarantor Credentialing

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Supplier Registration

Automates the process of collecting vendor information and documentation through a vendor self-serve portal.

  • Online Three Step Registration Process
  • Easily On-Board New Suppliers
  • Electronic W-9 Capture
  • Diverse and Non-Profit Certificates
  • Customized Vendor Type Questionnaires
  • License & Insurance Document Capture

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Document Capture

Online document repository for your organization, starting with electronically creating W-9's in vendor registration. Also capture:

  • Diversity Documentation
  • Non-Profit Documentation
  • License and Insurance
  • Client Specific Documents
  • Other Validation Documentation

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Sanction Screening

Automatically screen vendor and guarantor details to ensure regulatory compliance. Sanction results receive a risk indicator and are worked within the platform.

  • 50 Plus Exclusion Lists
  • New Result Notification
  • One-Time Result Resolution
  • Eliminates Manual File Processing
  • Business & Guarantor Details

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Tax ID Matching

IRS Tax ID validation is performed on all your vendors within platform, and identifies mismatches and invalid numbers.

  • 1099 Reporting Accuracy
  • Electronic W-9 Capture
  • Identify Mismatches
  • Reduce IRS Penalties
  • Decrease Risk Exposure

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Interactive Portal

You will reduce staff time and resources by utilizing Vendor Lynx™ as your communication gateway.

  • Reduce Costs
  • Centralized Communications
  • User Friendly & Easy to Train
  • Integrated Client & Vendor Portals
  • Improve Supplier Relationships

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