Vendor Lynx - Sanction Screening

Daily Sanction Screening

Our sanction check process includes a daily search of vendor and guarantor detail against more than fifty federal watch lists, such as OFAC, OIG, FDA, BIS, and GSA. Results are displayed and worked within Vendor Lynx™, eliminating time-consuming and recurring screening processes.

Streamlines Control

Vendor Lynx™ provides control and management that increases confidence in who you are doing business with.

  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • User Activity Tracking
  • Historical Documentation Tracking
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Automated Sanction Screening

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Automate Screening

Eliminate manual spreadsheets, re-working results, and expensive recurring sanction screening processes.

  • Automatic Daily Sanction Screening
  • Prevents Duplicate Processing of Vendors
  • New Match Notification
  • One-Time Management of Results
  • Reduces Operational Costs

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Result Management

Confidence ranking and one-time result management identifies exceptions quickly for resolution.

  • Built-In Work Statuses
  • Result Reporting
  • One-Time Result Resolution
  • Risk Factor Scores for Prioritization
  • Maintain Regulatory Compliance

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Increase Compliance

Improve the effectiveness and reliability of your sanction screening process with daily screening.

  • 50 Plus Sanctions List Checks
  • Daily Automated Screening
  • Vendor & Guarantor Details
  • New Match Notifications
  • Results Delivered into Vendor Lynx

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