Intercept - Accounts Payable Recovery Audit

Recover Lost Revenue

Intercept™ delivers the most comprehensive and transparent audits in the industry. Our proprietary decision-science technology reviews over thirty areas of over-payment exposure to identify, validate, and recover lost profits. With a world class auditing staff, our team audits 100% of your financial transactions and evaluates up to 36 months of historical data to recover erroneous payments, identify out-of-contract spend, and provide insight in process improvements.

Advanced Analytics

Maximize recoveries and provides industry-proven process improvements.

  • 100% Review of Transactions
  • Up to 36 Months Data Review
  • Decision-Science Technology
  • Over 30 Areas of Exposure Reviewed
  • Industry & Location Specific Recoveries

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Continued Improvements

We facilitate long-term improvements, not just short-term recoveries.

  • Root Cause Identification
  • Risk Condition Summary
  • Internal Strengthens and Gaps Summary
  • Future Loss Minimization
  • Cost Savings Recommendations

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Claims Process

Recovery efforts are conducted with utmost professionalism and respect for your business relationships.

  • Claims Recovered by Global EDGE
  • Client Claim Review & Confirmation
  • Business Relationship Sensitive
  • Risk Conditions in Vendor Lynx
  • Progress Reporting

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Over-Payment Exposure

We conduct in-depth exposure analysis based on your specific needs, industry, location, and risk profile.

  • Duplicate & Incorrect Payments
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Pricing Errors & Missed Rebates
  • Unclaimed Property
  • Unprocessed Purchase Orders

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Contract Compliance

We go beyond a simple comparison of invoice to contract. We gather data to identify areas of over-payment.

  • Inconsistent Pricing
  • Rebate Calculations
  • Freight Terms
  • Discounts and Allowances
  • Unapplied Credits

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Vendor Lynx Access

Award-winning vendor management platform provides you an all-in-one solution to your vendor information and audit details.

  • Review Vendor Details & Risk Conditions
  • Vendor Audit Result Reporting
  • Vendor Master File Services
  • Supplier On-Boarding Services
  • Supplier Authentication Services

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We are a manufacturer and retailer with 481 stores. Global EDGE effectively and efficiently partnered with us to recover vendor overpayments and validate our accounts payable processes.

Bob Poirier, Cheif Accounting Office, Select Comfort