Encompas- Corporate Card Auditing

Ensure Card Spending Compliance

Encompas™ Card Management Solution ensures cardholders are compliant with your corporate card policies, providing audit visibility to every TRANSACTION, every CARDHOLDER, every MONTH. Experience the benefits of a corporate credit card program while protecting your company’s bottom line with enhanced controls.

Every Transaction

By automatically auditing every transaction, you will put an end to random auditing!

  • 30 Plus Customizable Audit Rules
  • Preview Audit Results
  • Quickly Isolate Exceptions
  • Customized Risk Prioritization
  • Audit Based on Spending Policy

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Every Cardholder

Every cardholder will be analyzed against a customized scorecard.

  • Audit Profiles Based on Purchasing Policy
  • Cardholders Audited Against Your Policies
  • Exception Escalation
  • Isolate Cardholders of Interest
  • Continuous Monitoring

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Every Month

Each month, Encompas provides 100 percent audit coverage of your transactions.

  • Month-Over-Month Trends
  • Cardholder Usage Patterns
  • Spending Trends by Merchants & Users
  • Real-Time Profile Modeling
  • Dynamic Scorecard & Dashboard Tools

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Increase Compliance

Quickly design cardholder profiles based on your internal risk management policies.

  • Audit Against Customization Rules
  • Weighted Scorecards Prioritization
  • Unlimited Profile Creation
  • Minimize Audit Exceptions with Profiles
  • Customizable Department Profiles

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Audit Controls

Customizable audit rules allow you to target spending exceptions based on cardholder or department spending permissions.

  • Merchant Category Code & Keywords
  • Transaction Activity
  • Purchase Activity
  • Cardholder Activity
  • Travel & Entertainment

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Your Convenience

Encompas is built to allow you to conduct the auditing on your time and when you are ready.

  • Quickly Build Scorecard Rules
  • Intuitive Data Upload Templates
  • Dynamic Workflow Engine
  • Group Work by Exception Type
  • Electronic Notifications or Escalations

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